New Art: You’ve Got Mail!

July 11, 2018

New art Is up in my 2d Illustration gallery! Titled “You’ve got mail!” 

I remember back in the days of AOL dial-up (dating myself here) where getting mail was a big thing! OMG it was so exciting to log in and hear that classical voice ” You’ve got mail!” Oh and if you got the GOOD connection speed you were sweeeeetly cruising the net in your ford model-T lmao! *Sigh* but alas getting mail, real or electronic, just isn’t fun anymore these days. But in my fictional world of Zeta-C, getting mail is arousing, orgasmic and something to definitely look forward to =D

I created this image to go in the background of my Windows 10 mail application, but it can probably work in gmail as well. Sorry Apple people, Steve says your mail must remain clean and boring =(

NOTE: Best viewed with the option  “Fill entire window” set to “On”