New Art: Dekkapai-Jissen: Heavy Heavens Style!

July 16, 2019

In a remote location of the Zeta-C mountains, a unique kind of martial arts was founded. This form, known as Dekkapai Jissen, uses teachings of many kung-fu styles, but then uses the incredible mass and momentum of gigantic breasts! The form you will see here, while graceful and elegant, can deliver incredibly powerful blows while the movement of the breasts also distract an opponent from each strike.

Allow me to demonstrate the skill of the Nom Yai Dojo! Behold the crushing momentum of….. The Heavy Heavens Style!! [insert kung fu sounds]

I’ve done this topic before in an old picture some years ago, but decided to revisit it again after seeing Kinera’s busty karate animation. Dekkapai-Jissen is my made up big breast martial arts style that is specifically designed for:
1) Allowing females to fight while navigating around their own bust.
2) Using the heft, weight, and size of the breasts as leverage to make strikes more powerful.