Zeta-C News – Space Engineers edition

August 26, 2016

In today’s Busty tech news, the  scientists at the Bureau of Breast technology have developed a new kind of space engine that promises to bolster the capabilities of the growing Busty Force defense fleet. The New engine Titled ” The Busen Booster” not only touts ship moving power but also shows off beautiful aesthetic design that is signature to the busty ideals of Zeta-C.

On paper, the new boosters boasted almost 30 times more fuel capacity than any other ship  built on the three planets. “This greatly reduces the need for frequent refueling and consequently lower maintenance costs as less stress is put on certain parts” states one of the lead engineers. “This also allows for longer space  presence in the protection and defense role.”

Test firing of the booster proved to be highly successful and scientists were requested to make a smaller version to be used on light ships and fighters as well.  Former CEO of Grow inc and now Master Groper of the colony said, ” The new design of these boosters hail to our devotion and love of giant female breasts, and we WILL show our pride without shame or oppression.”


Busen Booster HitomiThe current Flag Ship Frigate, the Hitomi Tanaka, will be retrofitted with the new engines and reverted back to an upgraded version of it’s original configuration. This news comes as Busty Force engineers discuss plans for a second Frigate ,which is yet to be named, and Zeta-C’s possibly first ever defense carrier.

That’s our update for today but tune in next time here on channel 34Z for more busty news!