Run by the Department of Zeta-C Defense (D.Z.C.D.), Bustyforce is the illustrious enforcement organization of Zeta-C. These fine and huge chested women help uphold the laws and customs of the open and free thinking citizens of Zeta-C. Along with helping keep communities safe from overly moral, and sexually restrained zealots, Zeta-C officers keep a constant eye on non-citizen riffraff as well as assisting other agencies in locating potential terrorist threats. The Bustyforce is divided into two separate forces that help keep order both in and out of Zeta-C.

Busty Police 

Is the local enforncement that deals with the affairs of the general public and the day to day issues there of.

The Red Bras

The military side of the Bustyforce that deals with the political affairs of Zeta-C and any potential threats that may come to it.

Noted awards of honor [link] The following are a list of officer decorations often awarded to those officers who have proven themselves in their daily duties.