University of Massive Breasts

logo-sheet-university-of-massive-breastsFounded in 2008 a.r. this school (Formally known as the University of Large Breasts) was created as a place for busty and extremely large chested girls to gain quality education without the pressures and ridicule from anti-enhancement supporters and religious groups.Due to constant media attacks and student harassment, the school was forced to close only one year after it’s opening.

Later in 2016 a.r. with the completion of the Zeta-C space colony, the school relocated and opened its doors with its new name and 3 new state of the art campuses: Areola Campus, Ampula Campus, and Montgomery Campus. The logo contains the phrase “Da femina erudio, Ubera incresco et” which translates to “Give a woman education, and let her breasts GROW”