Grow Inc.


Founded in 1995 a.r. XBVE inc. was the first company to pioneer the research into the enlargement of women’s breasts and vulva by means of pharmaceuticals and pumping, instead of traditional surgical methods.  With the popularity of their products growing amongst the underground and amateur porn stars, XBVE inc. soon became the company of choice for female sex organ amplification.

By 1st quarter of 2005, XBVE had taken the market by storm and surpassed all of the major implant makers. Under a sole decision made by the company’s CEO, XBVE finally went mainstream. At the same time the company’s name was changed to Grow inc. in order to appeal to the public market. They were now the world industry leader in organic breast enlargement.

The vulva enlargement products were not advertised but were still produced and made available via special request orders only.