Big Milk Cafe

logo-sheet-big-milk-cafe_0Comparable to the ever-popular earth based Starbucks franchise; Big Milk Café is the hot spot for all things edible and milky on Zeta-C.  Their well-known drinks (milk shakes, heavy cream lattes, and various milk based products) are all made from fresh breast milk pumped right in store from the trendy and pop culture “milking girls”.  It is not uncommon to even see famous actresses having their breasts pumped for a one day special of their breast milk for use as shakes or drinks.

Menu Selections include:

Drinks Hot: Breast Milk, Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea.

Drinks Cold:Breast Milk on ice,Breast Milk Shakes, Iced Tea, Bust Energy Drink, sodas (Bubbles, Jiggles, Helio) and juices (Gush, Blasters, Juicy).

Food: Pumpkin pie, Watermelon, Melon fruit salad, sandwiches, bagels, croissants