About Zeta-C


Zeta-C is a fantasy world I created that is devoted to my hyper busty  obsession. I created it a very long time ago somewhere in my teens and have been developing it since. In the beginning it wasn't an established world as it is now, it was just a company that made breast and vulva enlargement stuff for the fantasy.

It all really started with a model train set I had. I would imagine freight was being moved about and delivered to various companies. Naturally, I had to give those companies names. And those companies had to manufacture something of course. And those products had to have names, and be shipped to stores. etc etc etc. First it started out as an earth based thing in towns and cities. Then it evolved into a sort of exclusive island resort, and finally, an orbital space colony. Think of the colony in the movie Elysium. That is exactly like Zeta-C except all the women are attractive with wonderfully mega massive breasts. In fact when I saw the trailer for Elysium my jaw dropped cause it truly was my vision of Zeta-C. The only thing is that Zeta-C isn't elitist, it's more of a haven for those who want to live the hyper busty lifestyle as a norm and enjoy the sexual freedoms therein.

While a lot of technical jargon is used and some weak science is applied, please realize it is meant to only give some kind of ground for the fantasy to grow from.  It is still a fantasy based world and the science only serves to support the fantasy, not reality. In short, this is my own personal marvel universe.... for breasts.

Lastly, it would go without saying that a lot of the things included in my fictional world are influenced by my experiences, fears, desires, upbringing and ignorance. Thus, some aspects of it WILL NOT be politically correct. Understand this is a personal thing and well...... it's my fictional world, not yours. But I welcome you to partake in my fictional fun (or parts of) if you wish!