Why PC games ROCK!

January 4, 2012


OOOOMMMMGGGGG. I… AM…. IN…. HEAVEN!!!!!  I have found the perfect video game to play with my fetish! FINALLY A game with hot naked girls, no censoring,  MASSIVE jiggling tits, and FUN!  I first stumbled across this game from a  Youtube video (click to see). All I saw were huge, bouncing breasts and game related language. Of I went, deep into the tomes of research and after many jaw dropping Youtube vids and links, I found out it was from a game called Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. With the work of some very clever people modifying the game, EPIC WIN was born and now there are all sizes of busty goodness and slamming hot girls to enjoy! As you can see from the picture it is definitely a work of art! My character doesn’t have the biggest breast size people have made, but those are of the biggest that support the bouncing and jiggling mods ( there is one bigger but only slightly, I like the shape of these). This kind of makes me wonder why are there no official games like this. I know it’s a niche market but hey if the Japanese can do it why can’t we?

So a quick and cheap purchase from Steam granted me this wonderful game to play with. I figured if it was all a lie and the game was ass-tacular, it would have only been twelve bucks. But OMG did I get a bargain and a thrill for a twelve dollar game!! The graphics are pretty good and there is lots to do besides watching breasts. Some mods can add even more mischief if you so choose. I’ll give warning though, it’s no small task modifying this game. It took me a few days of combing forums and reinstalling to figure out how to get patches and mods in the right way. Some of them I sill haven’t even figured out, but thankfully I got the game to a point that I can indeed have fun and watch those gorgeous mamms bounce and sway!

This has gotten me so stoked and charged that I’m actually in the process of making a fun little video SO STAY TUNED!! I swear I haven’t had this much fun with something breast related in a very long time! Dare I say It has made me realize something, perhaps if I mix big breasts with what ever creative work I do, I may actually have more zeal to do it, and possibly have twice as much fun. Large breasts and slender/shapely girls are apparently a major driving force for me. Hell, I’ve been fantasizing about it since I was a little kid so it would only make sense I suppose.


….. Oh yea, I added more links added to the side menu too…. finally lol.