The Sexiest Cyborg on the Internet

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A while back I took a following to this girl.


She goes by the name SexyCyborg. She’s a smart and geeky Chinese girl who is a professional programmer and loves all things techy and 3d printed. By those things alone she gets mucho credit and love … but then ………… there is this.


Now that I have your attention………..  [Insert the usual disclaimer stuff about body image, women, my personal likes, yada yada,…. lets get on with it.]

To be honest I can’t even remember how I even came across this girl. There’s a whole lot of stuff on the internet you just crash into when you’re patrolling certain areas or looking for certain things. But one thing for sure is that her breasts hooked my attention, her skills drew me in, and the reason for it all made me want to know more.

This here isn’t your average situation. Rarely do you see techy girls with huge breasts who also happen to be attractive and slender. What makes it even more of an anomaly is that she’s not a model, not a porn star, and not a “person to know” like the hoooords of Instagramers.

But that’s not the part that fascinates me or dare I say even confuses me. So from here I am going to divide myself in two (ID and Super Ego) so I can properly address both sides in some kind of organized fashion.

The Id

BREASTS! 800cc’s of big tit goodness on a female body to lust for. I love that she’s such a techno geek and did I mention she also speaks English (which I was kind of surprised by)! She walks around the city in these hyper skimpy outfits and intentionally wears what I call “statement” tee shirts that almost forcefully pull your eyeballs right to her breasts. I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it!!  In this day and age with feminism mosh pit stomping on every single guys head and filling your ears with confusion, it’s great to see a girl taking ownership of her responsibility with what she wears. There is no way in the world you can NOT say it’s on purpose when you have huge breasts and wear a shirt like this …..

 Screenshot (15)

 or this  


or this 

Screenshot (13)


Then, as if just regular pictures weren’t enough. She started taking 360 pictures that would not only give you full view of the area, but also bring you virtually closer to her as if you were right there. Now, she is doing 360 video! I don’t know if she realizes this but I believe she has unintentionally created a new genre of video I will coin as  “MALE GAZE videos.” Yes I put it in caps cause we all know how horrible, … “damaging”, … and soul crushing the vile and evil male gaze is (sarcasm). I mean wow though! You can sit there on your computer and watch whatever YOU choose to watch, be it her or the area. Brilliant! Me…..being a guy who loves large breasts on slender girls, choose to simply sit and gawk at her hot bod, ample bosom, and adorable face. Ten whole minutes of watching her constantly pull down a shirt that fights to stretch around her lovely mounds, underboob pending! Maybe she does know. And if these videos are silently intentional, I say THANK YOU! It feels  almost like a gesture of mercy for guys. Like as if she is saying to all the guys “Here is a video of me! It’s OK to LOOK and be aroused! You don’t have to be ashamed.  Go ahead and stare and admire me you all you like.”

The Super Ego

Now here is the confusing part. The big question I wonder is ………. why? If she has the skills to do what she does , why the skimpy wear? She’s already attractive so why did she feel the need to get large breasts? And even still, ok big breasts are great but why flaunt them so much? Yes I know there is an old saying that goes “If you got it flaunt it.” But is it necessary? Her reasoning is that since she is short and can’t get long sexy legs, getting really large breasts is the next best thing. All of this just to stand out. But even still there are a myriad of ways she could stand out and not hypersexualize herself. Or is that the point? I mean, some women just want to be that barbie doll that guys lust over. Some take it farther than others I guess but part of me gets baffled in how a woman would want to cater to a very male desire. Or is it a male desire? Oh that rabbit hole is deep depending on which side of the mirror you are on.

I could be wrong but I do think she likes the sexual attention, that is to say if she even gets any. From the info she posts, Chinese men aren’t even interested in her and only prefer younger girls. I find this both strange and sad. Isn’t it kind of a waste then? I suppose it’s great for her in that it allows her to walk around practically naked and none of the guys would be aroused.  Less harassment for her and less sexual frustration for the guys in the long run I guess lol. Who knows what the deal is cause I’m here thinking with my western mind.  Regardless, this girl has my attention for her creativity, boldness, breasts and body!

Ok so now that thoughts have been voiced, I will give the mic back to my Id because this is his playground. That being said, I want MOAAARRRR! So enthralled was I with this girl and her “MALE GAZE videos” that I actually wanted to experience it …………………  immersivly.  I wanted to dive in and be right there as I gazed at her lustfully with healthy sexuality. So I purchased the new Mattel Viewmaster with google cardboard capability. Oh man @_@….. unlimited guilt free staring and she’s right there up in your face to see!

I should also clarify what I mean by “MALE GAZE video” cause you might be questioning well ” Isn’t all porn the same thing?”  Well yes but what makes her videos different is that:

  1. They are 360, so you feel like a participant in the scene where YOU are CHOOSING to look at her or not.
  2. She is not always engaging “you” so there are long moments where you are basically just silently and secretly lusting for her.
  3. It’s not staged in a studio with a script. It’s just you and her in a real environment as she goes about and interacts.

Conversely, for those with other interests you could possibly also call this a dating sim video too! Since you’d be in essence walking around with a scantily clad and super hot woman by your side. I’m sure that can be one hell of an ego boost! This girl is on to something if she doesn’t know it and I say BRAVO!

(*whew* This post was long.)

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    Merry Xmas, man. I have beent rying to get in contact with you thru your DA page but that was years ago. I would really like to know, if you still draw. I love so much your style!

    Best regards and happy 2017

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