The Laura Croft We Should Have Had.

Lara Croft, the most iconic female video game character in history! Most noted for her stunning looks, graceful swan dives, British smarts and ….. bountiful breasts, her image has been “upgraded” to suit a more progressive role. But in the process of upgrading, they’ve down graded her breasts to suit the hyper politically correct times we now live in.

*record needle scratch *

DISCLAIMER – Ok so before I continue, let me first say that not everyone will agree with what I’m about to say and I understand that. While I have no issue with the current status of miss Croft and the role she must now play, I am still a big fan of her former large breasted glory. Also, keep in mind the focus of this site. It will go without saying what my direction for this post will be.

With all that said, I rant.


Image manipulation by: mooonjo

Now this is how the new Lara Croft SHOULD have looked!!! Lara Croft was always large chested from her inception, accident or not. Over the years they’ve slowly toned her ample bust down for the sake of political correctness. But I feel there is another dynamic at play here. When Tomb Raider first launched I’m sure the developers had no clue how popular the character would become or the social issues that would later arise. She was just a busty lady exploring tombs.

Yes, her character was designed as eye candy for a primarily male audience cause lets face it, the majority of gamers are/were male. Are the numbers of female gamers rising? Yes. And therein lay the rub. Now that the demographic of game players are changing, the presentation of said games also have to change.  Now in counter point many women have embraced the iconic look of Lara cause well.. she’s hot and she’s bad ass with huge breasts. In fact, she was right up there with Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy in terms of the fan service, and this was the aspect that many female cosplayers banked on for fun (and attention).


Now I know in topics like this, a lot of people like to throw around the whole “misogyny in gaming” line. But honestly, I feel like this term is just being tossed around loosely because it’s a hot buzz word. Drop the M bomb and you’re suddenly a pundit who knows all about feminism while waving your “hail the empire” flag to escape persecution…. even if the word doesn’t really apply. What exactly about large breasts equals hating women??? Do they understand the meaning of the word hate? Last I checked, guys don’t oogle and drool over what they hate =\. Really, I would consider it more like admiration or lust than hate. And who doesn’t like fan service? Well…… I guess most female gamers don’t like fan service. Cause with all the buff and rugged topless men in gaming, they are apparently not interested. Which is fine, but don’t trample on our fun because of your lack of visual fascination.

What I think happened, was a puzzle game with a busty character got ULTRA HYPER popular. While being that popular is great for a game, it also marks it as a target for M bombs and Warriors to attack. To avoid being attacked, you have to basically come correct from the get go OR out right and directly say “This is a game that is purposely intended to have hyper sexualized females.” I don’t mean this as in actually saying it, but visually make it so blatant and obvious that there is zero question as to what the intent of the game is and who it’s targeted for. This way the wrong people don’t buy it and then turn around and fuss. Another option is to intentionally keep said game from getting that popular. Unfortunately this would not really work for most sales models unless the game is free to play (*Cough* Sword of Chaos).

I for one however would LOVE to see Lara Croft return to her mega mammary greatness! Or maybe even go above and beyond what her cup size ever was! I was joking with someone that maybe this younger Laura was before she got implants. Maybe she had a sudden second growth spurt, which does actually happen for various reasons. Or even better, what if she raided some tomb of a goddess and the artifact blessed/cursed her with ultra massive breasts!


Art by: mangrowing


Art by: Kiwine










It saddens me to think that the old days of raiding tombs while being busty are over………. Or are they? Dun Dun Dun…… enter, Bethesta’s Elder Scrolls, Oblivion and Skyrim! These are probably the most sexualy modded action adventure games in history! At least that I know of, there may be others. SO, it would only be a matter of time before someone did their version of Lara Croft. Combine that with all the hyper busty body mods and BAM, a Lara Croft like you’ve never imagined her!!


In my opinion, mod support is the best and safest way to go for any game developer. They can make their game totally vanilla and politically correct to a tee. Then people, with their own effort, can do whatever they want with their copy of the game! It’s a total win win. The developers would have no responsibility what so ever cause they did their due diligence and it’s not their job to police the mods people make for personal enjoyment.

I did read an article somewhere that one game developer begged modders to not mod their game. It was supposedly their first time releasing their game on PC. The modders did it anyway. I don’t even know why the developers would even make that request, being that it’s not their fault or responsibility what other people do.

But I digress, I’m sure there will be other games with busty female characters to enjoy. And I’m sure there will be other female explorers with even larger breasts than Lara’s to go exploring tombs, caves, and badlands with. It’s just all a matter of time.

3 thoughts on “The Laura Croft We Should Have Had.

  1. Angered-Icon Post author

    I did see this armor mod for Oblivion and had Dled it (I think), but I haven’t installed and tried it out as of yet. I was heavily impressed and would love to build a harem of massive chested followers lol. It would be nice if they made a version for Skyrim though, I have the game and still haven’t played it yet. As far as fallout 4 goes. The game looked interesting but I was waiting for some mega busty mods to come out for it before I got myself involved in it. I’ve seen this one but was hoping there would be a mod to have the breasts be even yet bigger, With the addition of the bouncing like in the Elder Scrolls mods. It’s probably just a matter of time.

  2. Djoser

    You have some hella fine tastes, sir! I love when most of a girl’s body mass is boob.

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