The Breast Support for Your Wrist While Mousing

Ah technology, it’s great when it works. Not so great when it hurts. People are on computers longer and longer hours these days, typing their lives away to the world but aren’t protecting their wrists from so much typing. We all know there are those wrist protection pads for your keyboard and mouse but who wants a squishy and ugly black bar in their way?

Ok that may be a corny sell but It’s my intro to talk about breast mouse pads. Well not just any breast mouse pads, but the biggest breasted mouse pad to ever have been made. A company by the name of SoftGarage who manufactures busty mouse pads, has created a mouse pad with what they say has life sized breasts! Based off the Dead or Alive Character Honoka, This mouse pad sports the biggest, softest, and bounciest breasts you’ve ever layed your wrist on!

So ….. how do you fit breasts that large on a mousepad!?? Well, as it would turn out, said mouse pad is HUGE as well! Coming in at a whopping 18.8 inches long,14.9 inches wide, and 4.3 inches high, this mouse pad gives you a looooot of room to mouse around. Try not to get too stimulated while… mousing … between those breasts………..*ahem*. Moving on.

honoka 5honoka 7






Unfortunately as they say, their is a price to pay for everything you gain! This epic breasted, epic sized mouse pad also has an epic price! $310 Dollars will be the most money you will ever spend for this much silicone wrist support! And if you don’t have a huge desk to support these large mousing mamms, then…… buy a bigger desk cause it’s good for the breasts. No no, I’m serious. They tell you to not to keep the mouse displayed in a vertical position cause it could damage the breasts over time.

The breast mouse pads are not being sold directly to the US from the company BUT are being sold through (not yet available as of this posting). So if you’ve got room for a soft, large, squeezable showpiece on your desk, mouse on over to J-list and pick up one of these wonders of computing ergonomics.


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  1. Djoser

    Well I’d love some breast support for my face. But be warned, my face is big and needs lots of cushiony support

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