Sports By Brooks

August 5, 2009

OMG!!!!! I swear I have never seen soooooooo many beautiful and large chested women collected together!!! And what I love is how they’re dressed in all different kinds of outfits nut just the typical slut wear. Shirts, dresses, sweaters and all sorts of casual everyday wear but yet still make it so that their breasts are shown of. Sex appeal with taste can be just as yummy (or even more) than the vulgar stuff because it leave so much more room for imagination!! I’m like totally drooling over these girls…….. ok I’m not actually drooling cause that would be gross as heck. but omg I would be honored just to shake the hand of one of these girls.

Side rant: What is it with girls and shaking hands? I mean…… if I don’t know you like that, why is it a problem? Relax.

So yea, Sports by Brooks, OMFG.

The girls of Sports by Brooks

The girls of Sports by Brooks