Portal, Mirrors Edge and Heaving Breasts

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SO what do you get when you smoosh a bit of Portal and a bit of Mirrors Edge together between a pair of heavy plump and bouncing breasts?

You get a challenging fan service puzzle game called Haydee (already out on Steam)! Now I’m sure you may be picturing something along the line of normal busty female characters. But as you can see below, were not talking about “normal” video game breasts here. Especially for a primary character. Yes this is a REAL game on steam and Yes this is exactly how the default character looks.


And oh yes, …. there are mods. One such mod that I have attained, changes the character from a busty android, to a fully naked HYPER busty woman…… with even bigger booty and WAY BIGGER BREASTS!! But don’t worry, there are Rated G mods too.

 Haydee6 Haydee5 Haydee4 Haydee3


I discovered this game while perusing my YouTube channel subscriptions, to which OversizedTitsLover did a video on. Without actually watching his video, the thumbnail made me curious. So with a quick google search I found the game and was WOWED. Once again someone had put their middle finger up to the PC/Fem police and developed a game with out right and blatant fan service.  

The Fan service in fact is so blatant that the breasts bounce with clear vigor and the camera gives you an unapologetic and controllable view of the protagonist from every angle.  The way the character sashays as she walks just makes everything on her look so damn delicious. The way she climbs up and over obstacles is not only well done, but (in my opinion) intentionally sexual in that climbing is a button pressing event that allows you to get gratuitous views of every stage of the climb.


Did I already mention that the breasts BOUNCE very noticeably? Hmm…. well I’ll say it again for emphasis, The breasts bounce VERY noticeably!! And pretty much flop like crazy when she runs! There ain’t no eye straining or freeze framing needed, that bounce is right in your face and there is no mistake about it!



Even when she lands hard from a jump it’s like *land…FLOP*

Yea I know it’s not REAL breast physics, but understand just to even put this much blatant breast motion in a game is a big deal to start with. So i’m not gonna fuss at all!  It’s a pretty decent and laid back puzzle game with excellent sound design, visuals and reasonable challenge. Most of all, it get’s major points for BRAVELY being such a bold game, WITH built in mod support! All of these things considered I’m going to give it a 10 out of 10 milk jugs.

If you’ve read one of my previous articles, this is a clear example why mod support is really the way to go! We all get to have our fun, and nobody get’s pissy.  Don’t like the characters appearance? Get a mod and bam your good to go!

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