Sword of Chaos (It’s all the shaking breasts making chaos)

So I was hanging out in a chat with some cool folk, most of which know about my nuclear lust for massive sized breasts, and one member recommended this game to me. So I Googled it to see what it was about, and at first I was a little eh cause I know about the grind of these games and… Read more »

Denise Fagerberg!!!!!!!!!

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FINALY!!! Finally I say!! You all know how much I fuss that Black women don’t get represented in the big boob fetish unless they are “big boned” or honestly just well………………. over weight. Not hating, just saying this is the common thing. BUT!!!! Enter Denise Fagerberg! WOW wow….wow x 9000!!! I am SO happy to see a black woman who… Read more »

Back on track!

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OK! Site is fixed ! And no, I still didn’t do a child theme…… yet. But I’ll get around to it. In other news. >> I’ve reached a point where I feel like I can say I am pretty much done with collecting mega massive breasted figures. Oh it was such a great run!  My collection is quite impressive! If you… Read more »

Arrrrrgh BRoken!!!

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NOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cries*  Sigh. All in the line of work I guess. So thanks to some plug-in Issues all my art is gone. It’s temporary I hope. I certainly hope I won’t have to recreate  every single gallery! omg that would just make me sad. very sad. And I updated my theme which reset it back to the default way of… Read more »