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You know every so often I think about this crazy fetish of mine and what would girls think of it. Do most girls even care or is it like a Nuclear glowing red flag that girls would run away from? to date most of the girls I personally know that have seen my adult art have all been cool with… Read more »

Model modding

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Ok so I’m going for it. I ordered my airbrush kit and I also ordered this little beauty from E2046.com super busty cow girl. http://www.e2046.com/product.php?products_id=7791 Now my plan is to mod the heck out of this thing so I’ll certainly see how it goes. I also have a figurine of Asuka that I’m looking to pump up to unreal sizes… Read more »

My Hero!!

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Shu Yong!!! OMG I love this guys work. I know he does this stuff to make a point but omg I love it. I’m like, I so wanna do that! Now I’m eye balling my figurines thinking of how to make the breasts mega huge!

The Switch

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Updated!!!! I love WordPress!!!! Oh btw did I mention I love wordpress? Anyway Just some tweeks to be made here and there but the galleries are back up and running. Unfortunatly the images are kinda all jumbled up so they’re not in cronological order. From now on when / if I put up art it should be in order showing… Read more »