One Step To…..

February 7, 2018

Ok so this topic seems to be hot on social media as of late, but no one in the massive breasts community seems to be saying anything. So let’s talk about it……. sex dolls.

For the first time in history all of us massive breasts lovers can actually realize our dreams! I’ll admit my interest is peaked…. VERY peaked.

And it’s not one size fits all. They apparently make dolls in a varied array of breast sizes and body types! So if hyper sized breasts aren’t your thing, they still got you covered.

Now that I have your attention…. the question you must now ask yourself is, 

How bad do you want the dream?

How deep is your passion? What are you willing to sacrifice? And is it really worth it?

Depending on manufacturer, and material type, one of these fantasies can run either in the $2,000 range or the $8,000 + range. But money isn’t the only challenge, you’ll also have to deal with the social aspect of it. Some people are for it, some are against it, and some don’t really care. So I guess it depends on what your social circle is like. Rest assured though, 94% of women will not be a fan and you’d probably be forfeiting any chances with them in exchange for this dream.

Attitudes may change in the near future, but for now there is a negative stigma to deal with. And when I say negative, I really mean negative. It can go anywhere from a mild “pervert” or “looser”, all the way up to “misogynist sociopath rapist who objectifies women and wants to dominate and control them” (whew that was a lot to say) . Oh yea it can get bad depending on who it’s coming from. Now common sense would dictate that you don’t tell eeeeeeeeverybody about your doll should you get one, but just be mindful of what people could possibly say until dolls become normalized (and they will).

This however could be the cat’s meow for those who desperately wish they could get their hands on (or face between) some massive breasts without getting in trouble! Especially if you really have nothing to loose. No longer is the dream locked in pixels behind a computer screen, scratched in pencil, or carved from hard plastic. No longer must you moan and lust after women you will never get the time from. That deep rooted desire can finally have a soft full sized answer, even if in part.

Would I get one though? Admittedly I’m heavily debating it, I really am. To be one step away from a life long dream. Like literally standing right in front of it and all you have to do is take ONE step. It’s humbling. You start questioning yourself. Do I really need/want it? What happens after? Is the adventure now over? Do I sit on the king’s throne…. bored? Although I would think it would just forever serve as a never ending answer to passion whenever it rises.

I dunno….. but I think this is going to be interesting. The age of blow up dolls has officially ended. But on the same note this step is HUGE and you will have no choice but to own it. Stand up, stand by your reasons what ever they are and own your sexuality. I mostly say that for the guys which will probably be the larger portion who own dolls (to start) but it applies to the women to. These dolls can’t just be tucked away under the bed in 10 seconds. They take up real space, have very real weight (some times weighing close to a real woman) , and you do have to take care of them!

Now of course dolls are NOT going to suddenly replace women. And dolls won’t interact with you like a real person ( they’re working on that). But It’s a safe investment in your sexual freedom. You get to have fun without chasing pipe dreams. Nobody gets hurt and no rules get broken, Well….. except gravity with the size of those breasts lol. There’s also no worries about STI’s, STD’s, pregnancy, and being charged with rape, harassment, or misconduct. Religion can’t accuse you of fornication or sex out of marriage cause your technically masturbating. And your not “touching yourself” cause you’re “getting it on” with another body. It’s the perfect loophole for ……… everything! 

So what’s your thoughts? 

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