New Art: Deserts of Talact

April 15, 2019

Deserts of Talact

Digital journal – Wei Hehvi

“Day 5, Still scouring the area for what we believe to be the wreckage of the Giamam. 3 days ago the sensors detected vast amounts of calcium deposits, water, and familiar proteins. We had our doubts; how could so much liquid be in the middle of this desert with no rain in years? But now I can feel it, the energy. It radiates throughout my body giving me this ….. nervous excitement. The Giamam is real, and it has to be here!”


Inspired by a ford pick up on HUUUUGE tires while on the way to an event. I thought to myself Hmmm busty girl rangling the off roads in a big truck.  Well………. the truck got bigger…… her Breasts got WAY bigger…… and the off-roading got massive!