My Main Character in Leauge of Maidens

November 10, 2021

Nomyaiana Sukhotwat aka "Wonder Breasts"
Age: 19
Ethnicity: South Asian
Nationality: Thai

Nomyaiana, or "Nomy" as her friends call her, enlisted in the Warmaidens program shortly after finishing high school. After seeing the destruction and hurt caused by The Fall, her heartfelt goal was simply just to bring peace and a sense of safety back to people. However, upon enrolment she was unexpectedly selected to be part of a small experimental group within the project titled "Ultra Girl". It was known that, unlike normal women in the Warmaiden project, Ultra Girls were given a special variant of the serum that had the unique side effect of causing uncontrolled breast growth. This was considered an "absolutely unimportant" side effect due to the enhanced capabilities of Ultra Girls over standard Warmaidens.

During the short course of her treatments and training, it was a huge shock for her. Going from a meek "A" cup to having huge breasts was definitely a challenge for her body image. She desperately wanted to just hide and would often request night missions, or try to find ways of covering herself up. After a while, it just became too much to deal with. Her breasts were beyond massive and the world needed help. After a full day of battling her self esteem in a mirror and feeling like she couldn't hide her physique even if she tried, she tossed her cloths aside in frustration and said "Screw it!" From that day everyone always knew her to always walk around completely naked.

As Nomy proved herself in combat she was often seen skipping her way through the streets. Some wondered how her insanely massive breasts didn't just tear off from all the wild bouncing and flopping caused by her skipping. As such she earned the nickname "Wonder Breasts." This didn't bother her as by that time she had become VERY comfortable in her skin. Being naked all the time was nothing to her now and she accepted what became of her now gargantuan chest partners.

"Wonder Breasts! Can we get a picture with you!?" It was official. She was accepted and she was a hero for the people now.

This!........ this is a call back to what I was saying in a post long ago. If you want a game with sexy female characters you have to either make the game modifiable by players or make it so blatantly obvious as to the who the audience is that no one can fuss. GOOD JOB maiden gaming! More on this later.