Manyuu Hikenchou !!!!!!

August 20, 2011

*Makes a powerful anime old man grunt and speaks like the Bleach Shinigami commander*

OMG this anime is IT. It’s blatant! It’s FUN! The animation is great AND has Breasts in gargantuan sizes! In some cases even coming close to Eiken sizes! In the very first episode they have a gorgeous breast expansion scene.  The main girl went from regular to Huuuuuuuuge. She even burst her top open!

Right now I am in love with this anime! As far as big breast fetish goes these kinds of anime are really the perfect balance. A fun story to follow , good quality animation and is openly having fun with the fetish with out being typical and cheesy like in most Hentai. If only I could be so open about Big boobs in daily life AND have women around to have fun with me and the fetish also.  Anyway, to give a short summary without ruining anything, the main character is from a noted family that mastered some breast technique stuff and this girl is out to right wrongs, while meeting many along the way. Nice and short. But oooommmmggg breeeeeaaaaaasts!

They even make the noise of them slapping as they’re bouncing around.

*makes the lovey lovey sound with the dreamy anime background*