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Here’s another great Video the internet coughed up as I rolled around in the weird parts of YouTube. This one is in Russian but I’m 100% sure you can surmise what the story is all about just from the visual alone. Not only is this video for absurd huge breasts fans like me but also for those who are into breast expansion!

In short, I like it. I like it a heck of a lot lol. And this is is for more than one reason not just because the breasts are fantastically massive on her skinny frame.  For the sake of not revealing or spoiling it for you, you can highlight the text below (After you’ve watched it) to read my deeper thoughts on this video.

So you took the red pill. Well first and foremost, one reason I like this video is simply because the women did it to themselves. The guy became their tool for their happiness and they used him / it to no end. He is not to blame and nothing was forced on these two women. Although I personally would gather that this particular guy/pump had a serious thing for giant breasts, it was still the woman who got the idea to pump herself up. I also loved the play on this as the two women where also seen being “pumped” in sexual meaning as well.

Now, one could argue that the two girls are “victims” of societal pressures of beauty, and there is hint of that in the video.  But this story it’s more about wealth, and the perception of the opulent lifestyle. Busty white women with cute dogs, expensive cars, and extravagant shopping with no jobs. Basically the fantasy life.  As you saw, the second lady had the money to get her breasts pumped up so gat damn large that……. wow. A-freaking-mazing! I loved it just for her enthusiasm to do such a thing to herself!!

What I also like is how they showed the transition from poor to wealthy, it wan’t just this one sudden step. An idea here, an Idea there, some of this, and some of that until the girl was someone completely different.  In short, money changes people.

There was a lot of truth in this video, and I give much credit to the creator for their vision. Most importantly, I love hat they went above and beyond to glamorize hyper massive huge heaving breasts! Slim and MEGA stacked for the win!!

Oh, the booty was nice too …. just saying.




3 thoughts on “Lots of Good Pumpin’

  1. Djoser

    I love this site…why did I find it only now. Your ZetaC world is amazing, thanks a lot for sharing it.

    Also Yesica Johanna – Dario Echandia Neiva, Huila?? That is in Colombia.

    Isabelle Lanthier is from Quebec, in Canada.

  2. Djoser

    Thanks to you for keep it going. I have seen sites rise and fall, and yet this one is still around after several years, even though I just discovered it a few days ago.

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