Kaho Shibuya

December 16, 2018

Oh man….. holy cow…… wow… and another oh man. I have become a huge fan of this woman. She REALLY got it. She REALLY understands the fetish. Don’t get me wrong I will always love big, bigger, and massive breasts on display, but this is a whole new level of love. A level that is usually only relegated to the world of anime.

What Kaho does different from everyone else is that she engages her audience. It’s one thing to just be like “Ooh look at my big tits”, it’s another thing to be like ” Hey let’s play a fun game with my big tits!” She engages her audience with her big tits which intern shows off her sweet and open minded personality like a bright light bulb! It takes creativity to do what she’s doing, it takes a level of amazing comfort and courage to allow the audience to play along and still enjoy her breasts. In fact, if you happen to get distracted she’ll make sure to remind you to look at her breasts by putting them right in frame! Somehow she has found zen in showing her personality in equal portion with her chest. I don’t think many can do that and it is udderly amazing =o. I like it.



So now as if she wasn’t amazing enough, she apparently now has a YouTube channel.

In like vein to her personality, she does the same thing, and it’s wonderful. It’s an absolute breath of fresh air. And I mean….. the freshest, crispest, best feeling air you could breath. Why? Well in the 4 videos she’s put up so far, she seemingly has put a middle finger up to YouTube’s militant PC police. Every video involves her chest and blatantly so. Breast bouncing, busty sound effects, intentional button popping, and playing mobile games……. with the phone on her chest. I mean, wow. It’s like she so gently and sweetly tells YouTube to go choke on their “demonetized” fear tactic thing.

But another refreshing thing about her is that she’s talking about her big breasts in mildly sexual ways like it’s so casual. It’s not this taboo thing that a woman should never ever say for feeeeeeeaar that men will like it ( makes spooky ghost gesture). No, the words come out of her mouth with no strain and I think a lot of guys, including myself, really love and appreciate that. It makes for a relaxing atmosphere cause lets be honest, guys love large breasts @_@, and she knows! So she gives you room to enjoy the elephant in the room and she’s not gonna give you shit about it. This is what I gather from all I’ve seen of her and I really really love that. She works to disarm the fear, especially now a days with how hyper sensitive people have become. Lol now I may be fantasizing or projecting on this, but this is the vibe I get from her twitter feed , blog and the few non-adult videos I’ve seen of her. Her personality is such that you’d even very seriously forget that she’s an Adult Video actress.

If she would accept, I would TOTALLY give her citizenship in my fictional big breasts colony.She’d even have her own show. She is so much fun and what she is doing is what Zeta-C culture and lifestyle is all about! Enjoying the passion for big boobs. Kaho, I take my hat off to you. Thank you. The world needs this right now.