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You can do anything when you are inspired by that which you most desire! I personally have discovered this when I created a video for Elder scrolls IV that was all about breasts. If you haven’t seen it, take a look “here“.  So I’ve simply decided that to boost my creative powers and abilities, breasts should be the subject matter. Obviously for me it will be BIG breasts, but you get the point.

However, ……. it seems that I am late to this idea. Enter “Oppai Vollyball!” (oppai = breasts)


The gist of this movie is that there are a small group of high school geeks that play volleyball as a school activity, and they apparently suck…….. bad……. real bad. Meanwhile, a young 23 year old teacher transfers to their school to breathe life into her career. Long story short she ends up being the coach for these kids, and to get them to actually focus on training and practice, a little inspiration was needed. With that said, a deal was made that if these kids worked hard and actually WON a volleyball game ……… she would show them her breasts.

Lol. I think the video below shows the result. =D


Oppai Volleyball – 2nd Trailer by PPouet

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