Engineering Space

November 18, 2015

Space Engineers! Now with planets!!!

Woo! So I’ve been playing this game for a while and totally having fun with it. As you all know I am constantly trying to recreate my fantasy huge breasts world of Zeta-C. I’ve been building a couple bases but have had to put my operations on old due to bugs and game changes. But Finally I think things are back on!

I’ve also been working on my first few mods for the game one of which will be huge breasted girls to put around the station and on my ships. I’ll put up pics when I eventually get to making them!

Omg I plan on being a total perv with this.I hope I can handle the power.

All that being said a thought crossed my mind. Would any of you be interested in doing an online multyplayer of SE with Giants breasts being the theme? I know it’s silly but I got this notion of a world were breasts lovers can build and play. Should this world have factions and big breast haters to attack and be attacked by? I dunno. just a silly Idea.

Hopefully soon I can get some pics and video of my space mischief up.