Code Name: Diablo

October 19, 2018

SO, I know this post comes a year late but I felt the need to post it because it’s very much on topic.  It was a totally random thing, I came across a twitter post about this movie that was premiering in NYC. 
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Massive Breasts, guns, Bigger Massive Breasts and still yet Bigger Massive Breasts, IN NEW YORK CITY???? Done, I was all in. This kind of thing rarely happens in this stone cold and sometimes prudish city. I purchased my tickets with a curious but excited outlook. Now I’m not one for random outings but I said why not, live a little! In the words of Jeremy Clarkson ” What could possibly go wrong?”.

So I went, and when I got there I felt a little bit of awkwardness. What kinds of guys were going to be there? What kind of strange event was this going to be? Yea I was stereotyping, I’m guilty, but I tried to push back against it and keep a positive outlook. I’m glad I did. It was a nice event, everyone was well behaved, except this one guy that seemed extra passionate in his choice of words when talking to one of the actresses lol. I could tell she was a little embarrassed but he wasn’t bad lmao! We all sat and watched a movie staring hyper busty women! It sort of made me think… This is what going to the movies would be like in my fictional Gigantamongous Breasts world.

The Story was your basic girl group goes to get the super villain plot. Very simple, very to the point, Very Dr. Wiley. But you can’t go into a movie like this expecting Marvel or WB production quality. The audio during the screening was pretty off and really needed EQ-ing . At points the music overpowered the actress’s voices by way too much. The sets were good and the costumes were also decent given the “PLOT” ( raise your hand if you know what that means lol). I loved that all the henchmen where in scuba gear lol. 

Somewhere in the movie there was a 3D animated sequence that was quite odd in it’s placement being that the rest of the movie was all live action. I think the director (who I sat next to) would have been better off making the movie in a more comic narrative style like sin city. Then the 3D scene might have fit in better. It’s like the animation was trying to be serious without being serious. Another idea could have been to have the actresses do the action scene in still frame comic style. Now that I think would have been, easier, and less expensive, but at the same time give more impact and look cool as hell ! 

But what was even better about this movie going experience was that for the first time in my life…. I actually got to be in the presence of women with MASSIVE breasts!! I mean hoooooooly S**T. When I say massive, man I mean massive. And I actually got to take pictures of, and with them! I mean like… standing next to them…. that close…. to breasts so BIG. I wish I could have gotten pics holding them lmao!! But I digress.

There was also another lady, Kitten Natividad, who spoke and talked about her career as a modestly busty actress in her younger days.  She’s a sweet woman and very earthy. We watched one of her movies from back in the day of Russ Myers. Another fun movie and very retro.

All in all it was a really great experience and I’m glad I went! I really wish there was more fun stuff like this in NYC.