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Regional Holidiays

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So I was watching this video (yes the thumbnail got my attention) when I got a fun idea. I’m not gonna spoil the fun for you but I think it would be a whole lot of fun to have some breast related holidays. Preferably holidays that require a lot of toplessness and feeling and groping of breasts.  I think I will seriously come up… Read more »

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So a friend of mine brought this comic to my attention. I liked it. According to the artist: “This character is now called Kouri (小瓜) which means “little melons.” Quite appropriate.”Well,… I think Miss Kouri would be HAPPY to reside in Zeta-C as her busty desires would certainly be a reality. I have to also say I LOVE her enthusiasm… Read more »

See I told you!

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“Kid safe and mother approved” as the old saying goes. I saw the following ad on the subway on the way to work. You can bet your bottom dollar I was majorly amused. Plus it’s no small little ad, BIG ad with huge bold letters. ” NOTHING COMPARES WITH BREAST MILK.” lmao.   I know the only reason this can be done… Read more »

The World of Zeta-C

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So I’m adding another section to my site by the same name as this entry. I’ve inadvertently spent quite a few years developing this world piece by piece and I end up adding more as I come up with new ideas and such.  And being that I’ve spent so much time thinking about it and fleshing it out, I figure… Read more »

Tits on a Stick

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  So in latest news, a banker by the name of Debrahlee Lorenzana gets fired for being smoking hot and getting guys worked up in the bank. Numerous “accidents” were reported which caused heavy traffic on the teller lines. lots of rubber necking and and erratic walking has forced window closings and diverted money flows. Lol ok well all that… Read more »