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Sword of Chaos (It’s all the shaking breasts making chaos)

So I was hanging out in a chat with some cool folk, most of which know about my nuclear lust for massive sized breasts, and one member recommended this game to me. So I Googled it to see what it was about, and at first I was a little eh cause I know about the grind of these games and… Read more »

The Quest of the Massive Breasts

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The theater lights shine down on the audience as they all filter in to which ever seats are available. Pairs of incredibly large breasts  can be seen  pressed together as girls and women squeeze into their seats with friends or family.  The buzz and beeps of cell phones turning off dot the atmosphere, and at the appointed time, the lights… Read more »

Why PC games ROCK!

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OOOOMMMMGGGGG. I… AM…. IN…. HEAVEN!!!!!  I have found the perfect video game to play with my fetish! FINALLY A game with hot naked girls, no censoring,  MASSIVE jiggling tits, and FUN!  I first stumbled across this game from a  Youtube video (click to see). All I saw were huge, bouncing breasts and game related language. Of I went, deep into… Read more »