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Manyuu Hikenchou !!!!!!

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*Makes a powerful anime old man grunt and speaks like the Bleach Shinigami commander*  SPECIUL  ATTAKUU!!!! ………… BAAAA–KKKKKAAAANNN–YYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUU!!! OMG this anime is IT. It’s blatant! It’s FUN! The animation is great AND has Breasts in gargantuan sizes! In some cases even coming close to Eiken sizes! In the very first episode they have a gorgeous breast expansion scene.  The main… Read more »

Porn Star Names

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What is it with these Big Breasted (yes the B’s as in caps!) models and the millions of names? I mean what is the purpose? We all recognize it’s the same person so why change names? Its it that the industry wants us to believe that there are soooooooooo many big breasted, small waisted women out there? Which would then… Read more »

Model modding

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Ok so I’m going for it. I ordered my airbrush kit and I also ordered this little beauty from super busty cow girl. Now my plan is to mod the heck out of this thing so I’ll certainly see how it goes. I also have a figurine of Asuka that I’m looking to pump up to unreal sizes… Read more »