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Ghost Tits!

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OK so first let me say this, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Ok to that’s out the way. Omg I love that they actually went and did something like this. I found it especially comical being a big tit obsessed person myself.  Although in truth most guys would be like “Damn I’m so lucky to have a girl with [ insert lusted after body… Read more »


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So a thought, I recently had a situation where a very attractive and fairly busty woman, in efforts to check her phone, reached around behind me and her breast was pressed up against me. How does one react to this? You try to not make a big deal of it but at the same time you don’t want to suddenly… Read more »

Snorg Tees love breasts too.

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  What is it about these logo/graphic tees that seem to make big boobs even more appealing? Is it the fact that attention is being drawn to them? Is it that awesome graphic something is tightly wrapped over awesome cleavage? Even better yet is if it’s a crop top shirt, omg dangerous. As a whimsical thought, in order to align… Read more »


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So I was watching Manyuu Hikenchou, and as I’m dying from laughter at their old samurai show reference (If you miss the reference then you truly suck) it got me thinking. I’ve been at this for a very….. long…. time. I have essentially built my life around my desire for VERY large breasts. Well not entirely, but my desire for… Read more »