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Code Name: Diablo

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SO, I know this post comes a year late but I felt the need to post it because it’s very much on topic.  It was a totally random thing, I came across a twitter post about this movie that was premiering in NYC.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Massive Breasts, guns, Bigger Massive Breasts and still yet Bigger Massive Breasts, IN NEW YORK CITY????… Read more »

Ghost Tits!

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OK so first let me say this, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Ok to that’s out the way. Omg I love that they actually went and did something like this. I found it especially comical being a big tit obsessed person myself.  Although in truth most guys would be like “Damn I’m so lucky to have a girl with [ insert lusted after body… Read more »


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You can do anything when you are inspired by that which you most desire! I personally have discovered this when I created a video for Elder scrolls IV that was all about breasts. If you haven’t seen it, take a look “here“.  So I’ve simply decided that to boost my creative powers and abilities, breasts should be the subject matter…. Read more »