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New Art: Dekkapai-Jissen: Heavy Heavens Style!

In a remote location of the Zeta-C mountains, a unique kind of martial arts was founded. This form, known as Dekkapai Jissen, uses teachings of many kung-fu styles, but then uses the incredible mass and momentum of gigantic breasts! The form you will see here, while graceful and elegant, can deliver incredibly powerful blows while the movement of the breasts also… Read more »

Bigger, Plumper, More Breast than ever before!

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*sings* Oops I did it again! I know I said that I was done with my mega-massive-super-gimongouse breasts statues but… I couldn’t resist. I saw this figure on my favorite site ( my eyes did the googly wobbly thing when I saw it! =O =O =O Oh man, the way the breasts just hang down to show their weight but yet… Read more »

Neurotically Yours: Foamy Squirrel – Animated fun with breasts.

The crazy thing about the internet is that you stumble into all kinds of interesting things and this is one of them. I remember a long time ago I saw this animated series on youtube and it seems to have popped up in my sights again. What caught me this time was the style of the animation ………………………… Ok I’m lying!… Read more »