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Oh man……. oh man, oh gosh, oh man!!!!!!!!

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I……. have stumbled across GOLD! Like literally I fell across this (ok not literally literally). I was surfing the net looking for boobs, I can’t remember why. And a friend and I got into a conversation about the different Japanese names used to denote various sizes of breasts. I had thought that Bakunyuu (bursting breasts) was the biggest.  I was… Read more »


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So I was watching Manyuu Hikenchou, and as I’m dying from laughter at their old samurai show reference (If you miss the reference then you truly suck) it got me thinking. I’ve been at this for a very….. long…. time. I have essentially built my life around my desire for VERY large breasts. Well not entirely, but my desire for… Read more »

Basquash – My latest Crush

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You know one of the things I love about anime sometimes is the total disregard for physics and what is possible or not in the real world. Another thing I love is the characters and their eccentric personalities. That said I’m totally loving this anime called Basquash. Total anime for guys lol, It’s got mechs, it’s got action and it’s… Read more »