The Breast Support for Your Wrist While Mousing

Ah technology, it’s great when it works. Not so great when it hurts. People are on computers longer and longer hours these days, typing their lives away to the world but aren’t protecting their wrists from so much typing. We all know there are those wrist protection pads for your keyboard and mouse but who wants a squishy and ugly… Read more »

The Laura Croft We Should Have Had.

Lara Croft, the most iconic female video game character in history! Most noted for her stunning looks, graceful swan dives, British smarts and ….. bountiful breasts, her image has been “upgraded” to suit a more progressive role. But in the process of upgrading, they’ve down graded her breasts to suit the hyper politically correct times we now live in. *record… Read more »

Neurotically Yours: Foamy Squirrel – Animated fun with breasts.

The crazy thing about the internet is that you stumble into all kinds of interesting things and this is one of them. I remember a long time ago I saw this animated series on youtube and it seems to have popped up in my sights again. What caught me this time was the style of the animation ………………………… Ok I’m lying!… Read more »

Because Sex Sells

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So I was checking out a post on twitter where a store in Miami (I think) had a mannequin with huge breasts. Naturally my attention was grabbed. A google search brought up a few more images and I liked what I saw. I’ve seen a mannequin like this near my job but it was more full figured so I wasn’t as moved…. Read more »