Bigger, Plumper, More Breast than ever before!

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*sings* Oops I did it again!

I know I said that I was done with my mega-massive-super-gimongouse breasts statues but… I couldn’t resist. I saw this figure on my favorite site ( my eyes did the googly wobbly thing when I saw it! =O =O =O


Oh man, the way the breasts just hang down to show their weight but yet still keep that beautiful ballooned shape! Oh and this statue is the biggest yet coming in at a HEFTY 1/3 scale! Yea…  this one is BIG! She’s 12 inches tall right at the center of her hip and her breasts are considerably larger than large softballs. Probably bordering on the size of small coconuts! 

Check my figure collection page to see more pics at the bottom!

At first I was wondering where the heck I was gonna put this micro woman but her relaxed pose seemed to lend itself to the comfort of my couch area. Thus she now sits on my end table with some flowers.

Now I would like to say this would be my last figure but……. my passion is deep. And I already have my eye on another statue of equal epicness!

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