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So I was checking out a post on twitter where a store in Miami (I think) had a mannequin with huge breasts.


Naturally my attention was grabbed. A google search brought up a few more images and I liked what I saw. I’ve seen a mannequin like this near my job but it was more full figured so I wasn’t as moved.  These however are right up my ally slim and STACKED!

6a00d83451587d69e201156fa0107c970cI was in fact VERY surprised that they even existed. This is the kind of projected body image that has been fussed and complained about for a very long time so I’m surprised that some manufacturers are being bold and brave to have them on display! I say Bravo! Why? Because this body type DOES exist.. so why can’t they be marketed to also? Busty women need to know how clothes look on them too. And they should not be made to feel bad just because they wanted to pursue a certain look. Stop the body shaming and lets turn it into body appreciation. I’m sure everyone can do that in their own way no? Also +1 for diversity.

11c749bf243d3e22086125258ca956b0I would probably offer that these wonderfully busty mannequins be used in appropriate places that’s all. Like maybe in stores that do cater to women who do have slender curves and huge heaving breasts, implants or natural. I know some women would fuss about it being in the front window. But you have to ask what exactly is the difference between a flat chested mannequin and a busty one? Why is having large breasts on a slender frame a dirty thing? I won’t lie though, they do their job and I’ll bet many will buy the clothing items just on eye appeal alone. Cause sex sells.

All of this said, I of course have to add in the disclaimer. If it’s not obvious already, this is my thing. It’s not to body shame anybody outside of my personal tastes or say they are not attractive. This is adoration / obsession over what I myself like as an individual and that’s all.

3 thoughts on “Because Sex Sells

  1. Djoser

    I watched a short news report that some of the mannequins built like that are made in non professional workshops in Venezuela. They take foreign made mannequins, and rebuild them the way they think women are sexy. They are right in that.

    Sorry for annoying you.

  2. Djoser

    Indeed, for the people this kind of physique (slim and stacked) is considered an ideal. I can’t blame them for thinking so.

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