The rhyme and reason for this site

Fact: I love petite/slender females.
Fact: I love large breasts. And the bigger they are the more I love them.
Paradox: Your average petite/slender built female naturally does not have large breasts because of a number of genetic and hormonal developmental factors. It’s just how it is.

The reality:

By the requirements of my fantasy, it is genetically impossible to achieve the sheer size, firmness, milky-ness, heft and fullness I desire. Although there are unusual cases of virginal hypertrophy that can cause monstrous breast growth, this wonderful anomaly can cause serious health and hygiene issues. Extremely large breasts are heavy, uncomfortable, saggy and cumbersome.

And while desirable in large sizes; breast implants of the size I desire are costly, very risky, and generally looked down on. To get breasts augmented to hyper large sizes is a determined lifestyle change that is often not accepted in the average workplace.  In addition to that, most normal females dislike guys who have this particular fetish and think of us as strange. 

It goes without saying these things prevent solid research into the largest sizes commercially possible by means of breast augmentation surgery or pharmaceutical products.

Thus . . . there is but one alternative left to satisfy this obsession…


By means of fantasy, I can escape ALL confines of reality and the petite/slender built females that I desire, can have breasts that are as large as only my imagination can limit.



While I do have other interests and things that I enjoy, This site is solely dedicated to my obsession for large and overly large breasts. I am aware of the current state of “politically correct” guidelines; however, this site is meant as a means of expression and is not to be taken as an attack or shame on any person, group of people, agenda or belief.