Code Name: Diablo

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SO, I know this post comes a year late but I felt the need to post it because it’s very much on topic.  It was a totally random thing, I came across a twitter post about this movie that was premiering in NYC.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Massive Breasts, guns, Bigger Massive Breasts and still yet Bigger Massive Breasts, IN NEW YORK CITY????… Read more »

One Step To…..

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Ok so this topic seems to be hot on social media as of late, but no one in the massive breasts community seems to be saying anything. So let’s talk about it……. sex dolls. For the first time in history all of us massive breasts lovers can actually realize our dreams! I’ll admit my interest is peaked…. VERY… peaked. And… Read more »

Bigger, Plumper, More Breast than ever before!

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*sings* Oops I did it again! I know I said that I was done with my mega-massive-super-gimongouse breasts statues but… I couldn’t resist. I saw this figure on my favorite site ( my eyes did the googly wobbly thing when I saw it! =O =O =O Oh man, the way the breasts just hang down to show their weight but yet… Read more »

Portal, Mirrors Edge and Heaving Breasts

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SO what do you get when you smoosh a bit of Portal and a bit of Mirrors Edge together between a pair of heavy plump and bouncing breasts? You get a challenging fan service puzzle game called Haydee (already out on Steam)! Now I’m sure you may be picturing something along the line of normal busty female characters. But as… Read more »